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SASSIE Mystery Shopping Software

SASSIE ™ Mystery Shopping System Scheduler And Shopper Survey Internet Engine . SASSIE ™ is the world s premier mystery shopping system, integrating Scheduling, Survey Collection

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SHOPPERS. Note: Our company does not actually perform shops or hire shoppers, we simply develop the software. Current Shoppers: If you are a current shopper

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The Secret List of SassieShop Companies at Mystery Shopping Tips

Tips, Strategies, and Resources for Mystery Shoppers Sassie is a web-based reporting software that mystery shopping companies use to schedule assignments, and receive reports from

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Mystery Shoppers

What are some of the requirements to be a mystery shopper? Once I am signed up, how soon will I receive a shop assignment? I am already registered with Sassie for another company.

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SASSIE Mystery Shopping Company Links

Posts: 33 Score: 25 Joined: 6/20/2003 Status: offline: This is a list of companies that utilize the SASSIE Mystery Shopping system. You should be able to apply with each individual

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Mystery Shopping Companies

Mystery Shop Inc. -- -- Print, telephone, and video Here s a list of companies that use the sassie mystery shopping system http://www

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SASSIE . SHOPPER Frequently Asked Questions. 1. How do I stop/resume receiving emails? You can turn off email notifications by going to My Profile from your Shopper Log, then click the mysteryshop .com/ shop pers/ Shop perFAQ.php ·

sassie mystery shop Articles

All articles related to sassie mystery shop written by Suite101 experts enter curious sassie _ mystery _ shop ·

SASSIE Sites List of Company Websites MS-Related Discussion

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SASSIE Mystery Shopping Software

The Story. SurfMerchants LLC is a Boston-based internet development firm started by Tony Felos, John Hsu and Greg Ansin (who have been in business together since 1989, about the time

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