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how much do actors get paid for syndication

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how much do actors get paid for syndication :
WikiAnswers TV Programming and Commercials Questions including
Get updates ; ; Why do you have fresh prince of bel air on so much You used to have a lot of different things on now its always that show. what happened to Mister ED and good shows you used to play.? ; Which television show has made the most money in syndication ?
Do you think actors would get paid better if the Hollywood studios
There are tons of examples, all the famous child stars who grow up to be poor because they don t get paid much on royalties (for example Different Strokes star Todd Bridges aka "Willis", and "Arnold" get paid $100/episode in syndication re-runs while the studios make millions. You might think actors are rich,
answers. .com/question/index?qid=20100508041315AAv3
Raymond loves syndication
Everybody Loves Raymond, the long-running CBS sitcom based on comedian Ray Romano s stand-up comedy, has been purchased for syndication by TBS. The cable network paid a fee of $650,000 per episode for the nine-season comedy. That much money per episode, I would expect a good sum but for reruns? syndication -/story/416.html
And I Get Paid !?!: The Life of a Voice Actor
It s a commonly held notion that there is only a small group of actors who do the great majority of voice-over work and I would like to say that, Kath Soucie plays the voices of Cadpig and Rolly on Disney s ; 101 Dalmatians: The Series, which airs in U.S. syndication and on ABC Saturday mornings. © Disney. /2.12soucievoice.htm
Actors , Producers, and Directors
Some well-known actors earn well above the minimum; their salaries are many times the figures cited here, creating the false impression that all actors are highly paid. For example, of the nearly 100,000 Stage producers seldom receive a set fee; instead, they get a percentage of a show s earnings or ticket sales.
Actors strike threatens Oscars- ET Cetera-News By Industry-News-The
Talks collapsed over issues that included how much actors would get paid for work on the Internet, and the financial impact of a possible strike on Hollywood remains unclear. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service; This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; Firefox 2.0 or higher at a minimum Actors _strike_th
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Casting News Hot Off The Wire! As We Get Em, We Put Em Here! Will rehearse in Germany and perform in revue-type gospel show with about 70 shows in Europe to begin end of November 2010 till mid February 2011. Paid rehearsal period, flight, Seeking Palestinian and Israeli actors for There is a Field,
www. actors
Too Much Happiness
Apparently not so much for Christian Cuff though. But for this post, I want to focus on #7. Yes, that’s right, I now have joined the ranks of the unemployed, beautiful actors and fitness-minded “80 is the new 60” year-olds who get to enjoy a mid-day romp in the recreation room. Feeds / Syndication
too much
Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Mila Kunis: marrying boyfriend
Years ago actors didn’t get paid much for syndication …but that was YEARS ago, part of the negotiation process the actors went through where they almost went on strike a few months back was tied to Residuals is probably the proper term…..but the point is actors get paid for the syndication rights and DVD sales.

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