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IPSOS Ausrtralia
Ipsos is a leading global survey-based market research company, founded and managed by research professionals.Incentives:Cash and Drawings...
No contact information available.
Online Since:
Gift voucher99
OpinionSquare – Take Surveys and Earn Cash and Prizes login about affiliates contact ... Similarly, the Internet community relies on service...
Tmrg, Inc. 11465 Sunset Hills Rd Reston, VA 20190 US domain-admin at
Online Since: 2003-17-07 00:00:00
Prizes72.5% UnitedStates6.4% SouthAfrica5.8% India2.9% Canada2.5% Indonesia99
Earn points for taking surveys through our exclusive rewards program and redeem them for exciting prizes!
Tmrg, Inc. 11465 Sunset Hills Rd Reston, VA 20190 US domain-admin at
Online Since: 2004-16-12 00:00:00
Prize23.3% India 22.0% United States 8.3% Iran 7.8% Bangladesh 5.6% Indonesia99
ZoomPanel is a community of consumers who share their opinions and insights about companies products and services by participating in market resea...
MarketTools, Inc. 1 Belvedere Pl Mill Valley, CA 94941 US netops at
Online Since: 2002-21-10 00:00:00
Merchandise and Gift certificates89.5% UnitedStates1.5% India1.5% UnitedKingdom1.3% Canada0.8% Australia98
What rewards can I expect as a member of the panel? ... How will I know I was selected as a winner in the cash sweepstakes? I tried to take a surv...
Toluna SAS 14 Place Marie-Jeanne Bassot Levallois-Perret, FRANCE laurent.sabouret at
Online Since: 1999-26-11 00:00:00
Cash and prize44.3% United States 12.6% Italy 10.0% United Kingdom 6.8% Spain 6.1% Germany98

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What is Paid survey

A paid survey is a type of online statistical survey where the participant is rewarded through an incentive program. A paid survey is used to collect quantitative information about the participant’s personal and economic habits. Often used by marketing firms to test new advertisements, they offer the participant a cash reward or entry into a sweepstakes program.

Legitimate paid surveys exist because, in order to remain competitive in their given markets, companies need a better understanding of their customers and the customers' perception of products. Surveys that are legitimate are separated by personal demographics so that the data will better apply to the target audience the marketing firm is trying to reach.

Because the corporate marketing companies need to understand consumer perceptions in-depth, they will offer incentives to survey participants. A participant will never have to pay for a legitimate paid survey.

Paid survey scams

There are two common types of paid survey scams. The first method involves an incentive being offered and then never delivered. The company or person running the survey is able to sell the information obtained to marketing firms and then closes his/her website prior to paying the participants.

The second most common method of the paid survey scam requires participants to pay in order to access an online listing of paid survey offers. The reason this can sometimes be classified as a scam is because the list of paid survey offers presented to those who have paid the membership fee are available for free.

A common way to identify a potential survey scam is by evaluating the demographic requirements. Legitimate surveys are targeted to specific demographics and will often require the participant to complete a pre-survey in order to ensure that they fall into the required demographic.

Other Paid Survey Scams

Beware of the paid survey company that asks you to purchase products or services or to pay for shipping of merchandise in order to be paid for completing surveys.

Beware of the paid survey company that asks for precise information about you, such as your exact birthday and mailing address. This information can leave you open for identity theft. Survey companies do not need this information.

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